Automated Workflows for Real Estate Listings, Closings & Active Buyers

The most successful Real Estate Agents have the BEST systems available! Nekst makes it easy to ceate robust Action Plans to ensure you never miss an important deadline & communicate timely using a combination of tasks, pre-written Emails & SMS messages.

Nekst is the personal assistant you've been seeking to give you back your time!

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with a Buyer Roadmap Portal
As the industry transitions into required Buyer Representation Agreements, it's important that you convey your value as more than just a door opener. There is no better tool for managing active buyers than our Nekst Roadmap Portal!
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Client Portals Consist Of:
Buying Roadmap with Key Dates

Recommended Service Provider Information

Pre-Loaded Files & Documents

Pre-Written Notes & Links

Important Dates & Details

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Personalized Portal Name

Nekst is the Backbone of your Business

The level of service you offer is what will earn you referrals

Execute Listings & Closings
with Precision
Assign tasks to anyone. Send Pre-written Emails and SMS reminders. Comment on anything. Complete Transparency & execution throughout every transaction.
Work More Efficiently
As A Team
Too many agents depend on assistants or a paper checklist to remember all the details. Give your brain a break and handle more listing and closings in less time!
Let Your Systems
Live Online
Too many mistakes are made when juggling multiple listings & closings. Nekst allows you to build repeatable processes to ensure you create raving fans!

Client Portal Sites for Every Property

Provide your clients with a mobile friendly, easily accessible 1-page website that includes important details, transaction party information & a roadmap of the steps from contract to closing. Personalized website & no client login required!

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There is more to transaction management than simply paperwork.

Use one of our action plans or create you own. Easily customize each action plan to fit the timeframes and details of your transaction. Each day, Nekst will tell you WHAT to do and WHEN to do it.

Multifaceted Action Plans

Automate Your Tasks, Emails & SMS Messages

Nekst allows you to build a repeatable process using different types of tasks and canned messaging.

Tasks & Dependent Tasks

Create traditional tasks to occur a number of days before or after the Start Date (e.g. Pending Date) and End Date (e.g. Closing Date). You can also create tasks dependent upon other tasks being completed.

Automated Emails

Stop writing the same email over and over. Canned email can be scheduled to be sent at the right time to any or all parties of the transaction. Individual Emails will also include Read receipts, so you know your message was received.

SMS Messages

Send text message reminders to clients, get status updates or notify your team members to complete a task.

As recommended by Inman News...

"Let it take over what you’re always scrambling around to finish."

It’s what you use after your CRM has won you a customer. Let it take over what you’re always scrambling around to finish.

...think above the paperwork, in between the pages. Don’t let the stack of stapled pulp on your car seat be the reminder you need to follow up with the lender, or verify the cost of the banister repair. Be proactive. Have a plan.

Chris Rowe, Inman News

Built By A Realtor, For Realtors

Though it's assistants and transaction coordinators that really love us :)  Nekst is a self-funded, independent software company with a mission of supporting fellow real estate agents. We invite you to play a role in the development of features and provide feedback on how we can be better.

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