It started with a Real Estate Team in Ohio

We tried all of the major CRMs and some of the generic task-management tools and nothing worked right for real estate. So we built one for ourselves.

Our Story

Brett Keppler, the Founder of Nekst, has been a Real Estate Broker since 2007. In 2008, he opened up his real estate firm, TREO Realtors and within a few years, grew his team to one of the largest in the county. Ranking frequently in the Top 250 Teams in the country for Real Trends.

Systems were essential to that growth, as mistakes continued to happen with the available software on the market, Brett decided to build a tool that focused only on process management for real estate.

What started out as a tool built for TREO, slowly turned into a software company and is currently being used by agents all over the US and Canada.

Our Values

The 'Nekst' Difference

You Help Us Innovate

We want to build a product that you love! Help us with new ideas and upvote others here.

Not Investor Driven

We are a bootstrapped company, meaning that we answer to our users (you) and not investors.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Nekst was created by a Realtor who has run a large, real estate team and owns a brokerage. We get it.

Small, Nimble Team

We are small yet powerful. Changes can be implemented quickly as the industry changes.

Based Locally

We are based out of Cincinnati, OH with a team spread out across the country bringing a wide understanding of real estate.

We Understand Your Needs

Real Estate Agents never get the credit they deserve. Nekst lets you dedicate more time to client relationships to change that narrative.

Built By A Realtor, For Realtors

Nekst is not just a tool for today—it's your partner for tomorrow, ensuring that as your business landscape changes and your operations expand, you have a robust, adaptable foundation that supports continuous success and development.

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