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Why would anyone choose an Annual Nekst Subscription when Monthly Subscriptions are available?

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When Nekst was first launched, the goal was to offer a low-cost way for agents to manage tasks that provides tremendous value. Ideally, every customer would see Nekst as a “no-brainer” and anyone who didn’t choose to move forward with using the product must have another reason outside of value. 

Over time, we have managed to keep our pricing low compared to other Task Management tools, even though it has resulted in less income being earmarked for growth and development.  Nekst is currently made up of a small group of individuals who work extremely hard to continue to improve the product. From engineering, to custom service to marketing, our team is keeping true to the mission of incredible value for our users. 

As with any service, there will always be users who seek better pricing. I learned this lesson a long time ago when I had my first and only garage sale, and negotiated a pair of Oakley Sunglasses down from $2 to $1 (a 50% reduction), after a Saturday morning lurker pointed out what he felt were minor flaws in the glasses. The lesson learned - everyone always wants a better value. 

Nekst has a feature set built specifically for the real estate industry, but is most often compared to generic, venture-funded tools like Asana or Monday, which charge per seat - OR - we get compared to specialty real estate CRM products like Lofty,  Followup Boss or Brivity, who either charge hundreds of dollars per month or hide their pricing on the website (which I hate). 

There best way to make Nekst a better value is to upgrade to an Annual Subscription.

Here are the top 5 reasons to switch to an Annual Billing plan instead of a Monthly Billing plan. 

1. Save Money - this is the most obvious reason and there are significant savings by upgrading to a Nekst annual plan. For our Agent Pro and Team Pro plans, we give you 2 months free.  For Agent Pro plans, this results in a total annual cost of $290 or $24.17/mo.  This is a savings of $58/year.  

For Team Pro plans, the cost is $890 per year or $74.17/mo, a cost savings of $178/year. 

2. Lock in already low pricing - as with any business, prices are subject to change. Even as we try to keep our pricing low, our own expenses will always go up over time and we try to balance any increases in monthly costs to more tools/services being added to help you grow your business. Locking in an annual plan will ensure you never see a monthly price increase over the next 12 months. 

3. Minimize business interruptions - We frequently see situations where users cards fail to charge either due to identity theft or bank declines due to expiration, reporting a card lost or not enough credit limit. Whether it’s employees being unable to get a new card from their boss or waiting for a newly issues card from the bank, these delays may impact your ability to use Nekst. 

4. It Shows Commitment - when you commit financially in a sizable to anything in your life, your likelihood of successful followthrough is great increased.  It’s similar to the idea of “burning your boats” after you make it to shore, to avoid retreating during battle. You obviously signed up for Nekst because you wanted to increase some aspect of your business. A monthly commitment or even a free trial makes it easy to back away and continue doing what you’ve always been doing, rather than commit to growth.

5. Less Bookkeeping - although this might be minor, it’s one less transaction to deal with every month in your email inbox, credit card statement, tax prep and accounting software. Less work and less distractions is something we all want. 

Bonus: Improved Customer Support - although we give great support to all of our users, we tend to go above and beyond to those annual clients of ours because we can see how committed they are to us. 

If you haven’t already considered signing up for Nekst Annual, now is a great time to do so! You’ll not only benefit from the reasons above, but also get a nice tax write-off before the end of the year.  To upgrade, simply go to in your account.

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