Realtor Tips

Realtor Tips

Exclusive Vs. Non-Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreements: What Real Estate Agents Need to Know

New Buyer Representation Agreements are rolling out daily. Make sure you use the right agreement for your business and understand the others

July 12, 2024
Realtor Tips

Building a Real Estate Team doesn’t start with a personal assistant, do this instead!

New real estate agents make the wrong hire when building a team. Make this position your first hire instead!

January 11, 2024
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Why would anyone choose an Annual Nekst Subscription when Monthly Subscriptions are available?

Nekst offers monthly & annual subscriptions. See the top 5 reasons why the smartest agents choose the Annual subscription option!

December 27, 2023
Realtor Tips

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Business During Market Downtime

A slow real estate market is the perfect time to work ON your business. Do these 5 things to take your Realtor business to the next level!

November 1, 2023
Realtor Tips

How to Win every Listing Appointment

Winning your listings comes down to being prepared, learning about your client and proving your expertise.

April 4, 2023
Realtor Tips

Projecting Success as a New Agent

Projecting success as a new agent is vital if you want your friends & family to be comfortable working with you. Here's how you do it...

February 7, 2023
Realtor Tips

Being the Uber of Real Estate is a Big Mistake

You can "Uber" industries with few complexities. Client expectations & logistics of Real Estate make it difficult to "Uber" this industry.

January 3, 2023
Realtor Tips

What to do when your Listing isn't Selling

Price reductions aren't always the answer! Read feedback, talk to agents & communicate with the seller to create a plan that works for them.

December 27, 2022
Realtor Tips

Open Houses are Stupid and here's why...

Sellers ask for Open Houses because they see it as vital in attracting attention to their home. It's up to us to explain why it's not.

December 13, 2022
Realtor Tips

How to Protect your Brand when Changing Brokerages

Your most important tools in this business are your contacts and your image. Don't hand them over to someone else!

January 3, 2023
Realtor Tips

How to Build your first Database (in less than 1 hour)

You have more contacts than you know. Check social media, Christmas card lists & more to put together a list of people to reach out to!

December 20, 2022
Realtor Tips

There's not enough Rejection in Real Estate

More rejection in Real Estate would help incompetent agents quit or be motivated to get better, improving public opinion about Realtors.

December 13, 2022
Realtor Tips

The best Email Solution since Gmail (and 4 Steps to make it Work for You)

What's the best way to keep your emails manageable in an email based business? Hire help!

November 22, 2022
Realtor Tips

How to Quickly become an Industry Expert while Selling in a Small Town

Top agents know how important it is to work "on" their business and not just "in" their business. Here are some resources to get you started

November 15, 2022
Realtor Tips

Secrets to Real Estate Negotiating from a Top Agent

Creating urgency, taking baby steps & communicating with the co-agent are all ways to negotiate a perfect contract for your clients.

November 3, 2022
Realtor Tips

6 "Old School" real estate tactics to ditch immediately

Don't wear name tags, get a new photo, switch up your voicemail, no name puns, update your listings & please do not renew your vanity plate.

November 8, 2022
Realtor Tips

Why I happily sell crappy homes

Working with investors can be lucrative in regards to time spent as well as commission, which builds over the years & transactions.

November 1, 2022
Realtor Tips

Top 10 ways new agents screw up their real estate business

New agents have to do more than help clients buy homes. They need to manage their time well, keep a positive attitude and project success.

October 25, 2022
Realtor Tips

I tried to charge less commission but sellers wouldn't go for it.

Trying new ideas can be a good thing. In my experience, sellers expect to pay the market rate. Don't drop your rate, improve your service.

January 8, 2023
Realtor Tips

Why Community Life is as Important (if not more) as the House you Buy

An often overlooked aspect of home shopping is choosing the right community to be a part of. A great agent can help you find the right fit.

April 24, 2023

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