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Complete Guide to Real Estate Coordinator Fee Structures: Understanding the Variations

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Embarking on a journey as a real estate transaction coordinator is an exciting venture, but determining the right fees for your services can be a daunting task. The real estate market is dynamic, and your fees should reflect the value you bring to your clients. To help you navigate this challenging terrain, we've compiled a breakdown of different services and their corresponding fee ranges that are typically charged by real estate transaction coordinators, along with insights into the likely reasons for these variations. These fee ranges came directly from Transaction Coordinators who openly published their fees on Facebook.

1. Managing a Closing Transaction

Definition: Managing the intricate details of a closing transaction involves ensuring that all necessary paperwork is in order, deadlines are met, and the closing process runs smoothly.

Fee Range: $325-600 per fille

Reason for Variation: The range in fees for closing transactions is influenced by factors such as the complexity of the deal, the local market's prevailing rates, and the level of support required. A more intricate transaction may require additional time and attention, justifying a higher fee. Agents who provide a larger number of transactions may also get a better rate.

2. Managing Listing Paperwork/Disclosures

Definition: Coordinating the paperwork and disclosures associated with listing a property, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Fee Range: $125-200

Reason for Variation: The variation in fees for managing listing paperwork is often attributed to the property's size, complexity, and the volume of paperwork involved. Properties with more extensive documentation or unique legal considerations may warrant higher fees.

3. Inputting a Listing or Copying a Listing to Another Status or MLS

Definition: Updating and managing property listings on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or transferring listings between statuses.

Fee Range: $75-150

Reason for Variation: The range for inputting or copying listings is influenced by the urgency and complexity of the task. Rush requests or intricate status changes may command a higher fee, reflecting the coordinator's adaptability and efficiency. If an agent provides the coordinator with all information to input a listing, the fee would be less.

4. Dual Agency Transaction

Definition: Handling transactions where the transaction coordinator is working with both the buyer and the seller.

Fee Range: $500-1000 (Agents often apply a 25-50% discount on the second transaction fee)

Reason for Variation: The dual agency transaction fee range accounts for the added complexity and potential conflicts involved in representing both parties. The discount on the second transaction recognizes the streamlined processes and shared information between the two transactions.

5. File Termination and Failure to Close

Definition: Handling a file that terminates without closing, including necessary paperwork and communication.

Fee Range: $0-250 (Typically $50)

Reason for Variation: The fee for a terminated file varies based on when the file cancels and the work already invested. Early cancellations may have a lower fee, while those closer to completion may incur higher charges to compensate for the efforts expended. Though some agents do not charge for a cancelled transaction, we at Nekst recommend you retain some value for the time you invested into the deal.

6. Preparing an Offer with Information Provided by Agent and Sent to the Buyer to Sign

Definition: Drafting and preparing the offer documents using information supplied by the agent and facilitating the signing process.

Fee Range: $25-100

Reason for Variation: Urgency plays a significant role in the fee range for preparing offers. The faster the turnaround required, the higher the fee, reflecting the coordinator's dedication to meeting tight timelines and the potential disruption to their workflow.


In conclusion, understanding the nuances behind the fee variations for each service offering is crucial when establishing your real estate transaction coordination business. By aligning your fees with the intricacies of each task, you ensure that your charges not only cover your costs but also reflect the value you provide in navigating the complexities of real estate transactions.

Be sure to take inventory of the costs associated with running a real estate TC business. Software, like Nekst, E&O insurance, e-signature programs, hardware, website & marketing expenses all need to be covered by a portion of the fees you charge.

A great real estate transaction coordinator is worth it's weight in gold! Do not undervalue yourself and your business when setting your fees. You bring a completely different skill set than most agent possess, so aim high and deliver a level of service that backs it up!

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