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How to Quickly become an Industry Expert while Selling in a Small Town

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Million Dollar Listing, Flip That House and House Hunters are all programs that make expose the role of real estate agents to the general public.  The most talented agents out there will argue that these shows are completely scripted and cover only a fraction of what really goes on during a transaction.  On the other hand, I’ve worked with several bad agents who don’t do much more in a transaction than what is covered in a 30 minute episode of House Hunters.  

What these shows do have in common is that they focus on Realtors working “in” the business and not “on” their business.  It would be extremely boring to watch film of an agent trying out CRM systems, building a real estate closing plan or creating a new marketing campaign.  But these tasks are a vital component of being successful and too few agents dedicate time on a regular basis to become an expert in the real estate industry.

By spending 20 minutes per day with these 4 resources, you will soon develop into one of the most informed and forward thinking agents in your market.

Inman News

The National Real Estate Post -

Matrix Blog -

Geek Estate Blog -

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