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Nekst Selected to Join TinySeed’s 2024 Americas Class for Accelerated Growth

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We are excited to announce that Nekst has been selected to join TinySeed’s 2024 Americas Class! TinySeed is the premier accelerator for bootstrapped software companies, like Nekst. Beginning this month, Nekst is joining 11 other companies in a year long program designed to help each company grow significantly within their respective industries.  

Why Nekst chose to partner with TinySeed

TinySeed differs from other accelerators and funds by focusing on founders who are looking to build a profitable company for the long term. In other words, Nekst can continue to build a business that focuses on customer satisfaction instead of fast tracking growth in an attempt to sell to Zillow! Founders are empowered to raise additional funding, or not, based on they feel is best for their company. The initial investment by TinySeed, in combination with the guidance and expertise of the company founders, creates the perfect opportunity for Nekst to thrive in the transitioning real estate industry.

Rob Walling, one of TinySeed's founders, has built and sold several companies to successful exits. On top of this, Rob is the leading expert in the world of bootstrapping and B2B SaaS. Whether through his best selling books, global conference & community MicroConf or his weekly podcast, Startups for the Rest of Us (which I have been listening to regularly for 7+ years), there could not be a better advisor on this planet to help guide Nekst to it's next level of success.

TinySeeds’ focus on capital efficient, non-unicorn SaaS companies is what made them a perfect fit for Nekst and we can’t wait to begin the upcoming journey! 

What Users Can Expect

This opportunity will empower Nekst to continue our mission of making real estate processes more efficient by helping agents and teams create personalized workflows for smoother home buying and selling experiences for their clients. In the year ahead, we will commit to:

1) Push out better features, faster
2) Improve onboarding and usability of Nekst for new and existing users
3) Build better community amongst our users
4) Making your business better

You can learn more about TinySeed at

Congrats to these other companies joining Nekst in the TinySeed accelerator class:

GenText AI




Outbound Sync

Tempeste Media





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