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Tips & Strategies for Growing your Transaction Coordinator Business

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Navigating the real estate industry as a transaction coordinator (TC) can be challenging, especially when it comes to client acquisition. If you find yourself struggling to attract new clients despite your efforts, you're not alone. Many TCs face similar hurdles. Here’s a compilation of practical advice and strategies that can help you grow your business - straight from TCs themselves.

1. Leverage Facebook Groups for Client Acquisition

One effective strategy is joining local Facebook real estate groups. Start by searching for “[your city] real estate” and explore groups such as local realtor groups or real estate enthusiasts. While many groups prohibit self-promotion, you can work around this by engaging with members individually. Find potential clients by viewing their profiles and reaching out via email. Emailing is often more effective than calling, and following up a couple of times before moving on is a recommended approach. Update your profile with a photo that represents your business. Improve your "About Me" page to showcase your offerings and encourage a connection.

2. Offering Additional Services

Diversifying your offerings beyond Real Estate Transaction Coordinator services can attract more clients. Consider providing listing services, marketing (email campaigns, social media, mailers), or administrative work. Teach them how to build INCREDIBLE processes in Nekst or Client Portals for their buyer and seller clients, to create better experiences. This can help attract clients who may not immediately need a TC but could benefit from other services. Over time, these clients might hire you as their TC.

Additionally, consider using lead magnets—valuable resources that potential clients can download in exchange for their email addresses. This helps build your email list and generates warm leads. Examples of lead magnets include social media templates, checklists, and open house flyers.

3. Enhancing Email Campaigns and Newsletters

Developing an email campaign or newsletter can keep you on potential clients' radar. Create emails filled with valuable information, service advertisements, and free downloads. This consistent engagement can help establish you as a knowledgeable and reliable TC.

4. Networking

Networking is crucial. Attend local networking events and open houses. Check local Facebook groups and chamber of commerce events to find opportunities. Additionally, treat every interaction in a transaction as a potential lead source. Make it clear to everyone you interact with that you are an independent TC available to work with anyone.

5. Crafting an Effective Email Signature

To ensure clarity about your availability, include phrases like “independently owned and operated” or “now accepting new agents” in your email signature. This subtle reminder can help potential clients understand that you are open for business and eager to take on new clients.

6. Post Closing Reach Out

After a successful closing, be sure to reach out to the other real estate agent in the transaction to not only congratulate them, but to also inquire how you might be able to help their business. Ideally, they are fresh off a wonderful experience with you and should be open to a conversation about you can help them to grow their business.

7. Social Media Presence

If you haven't already, consider marketing your business on social media. Create content that benefits agents, such as pro tips, market insights, and valuable reminders. Establishing yourself as a knowledgeable and helpful resource can attract potential clients who view you as an expert in the field.


Even though you are in a role that supports a salesperson, you still have to focus on sales and marketing yourself as an independent business owner in order to grow our business. By leveraging social media, offering diversified services, engaging in email marketing, and participating in networking events, you can attract new clients and build lasting relationships. Remember, persistence and adaptability are crucial in this ever-evolving industry. Keep refining your strategies, and success will follow.

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