Core Features

Here are some of our core features, with more on the way! We love hearing from you and building what you want.

Fully Customizable Action Plans

Create action plans with a combination of Standard Tasks, Email Messages & SMS Messages. Send to any party!

Built in Email Templates

Our action plans are available with pre-written messaging to help you get started quickly!

SMS Notifications & Reminders

Send SMS messages to announce milestones, reminders or to followup with any transaction party.

Commission Tracking

Instantly see projected commission 30, 90 and 90+ days out! See a history of closed income and compare your YTY Growth!

Manage All Transaction Parties

Assign tasks to team members and instantly access transaction parties while you are managing the listing and closing processes.

Full History of All Actions

Nekst keeps a history of every message sent, every task completed and when comments and notes are made to a property.

Used By Agents Everywhere

Some of our coolest features...

Instantly Shift Tasks when Closing Date Moves

Closing get delayed? With 2 clicks, you can shift all tasks associated with the closing to the new day.

Emails & SMS Messages on Auto-Send

Setup emails and SMS messages to automatically send on the day that the come due.

Apply Multiple Action Plans Simultaneously

Run multiple action plans on a single property. Easily switch between listing and closing plans.

Manage Non-Transaction Processes

Manage Agent On-Boarding Plans, Open Houses, Client Followup, Referral Tracking and more!

Create Tasks Dependent on Other Tasks

Tasks can be scheduled to come due a certain number of days AFTER another task is completed. This way, past due tasks don't pile up!

Sync Tasks to Any Online Calendar

Nekst can sync with any Calendar that uses an iCal link, which includes Google, Apple, Outlook and more!

Deadlines that Match how Contracts are Written

Schedule due dates for "10 Days After Acceptance" or "5 Days Before Closing" instead of just a calendar date.

Share Notes, Comments on any Property

Every property and Transaction Party has a place for notes to be stored. Tasks have a place for comments.

Nekst for Teams

Perfect for a growing Transaction Coordinating Business, a Top Producing Agent with an Assistant or a High Volume Team

Collaborate with up to 10 Team Members on Team Pro
Team Members can have multiple roles on different properties. Help cover outstanding tasks for others and be assigned shared tasks.
2 Levels of Account Ownership
All team members can have full access as an "Administrator" or limited access to complete assigned tasks under the "Team Member Role"
Control which Team Members can Access Certain Properties
Team Members can be given access to All Properties or just those which they are assigned.
Create Custom Roles or Use Editor/Viewer Permissions
Use one of our pre-loaded roles or create your own. For any team members who need access to a property but do not fit a role in the transaction, use Editor (full editing permission) or Viewer (view-only)

Built By A Realtor for Realtors

But assistants and transaction coordinators are the ones who really love us! Nekst is a self-funded, independent software company with a mission of supporting fellow real estate agents. We invite you to play a role in the development of features and provide feedback on how we can be better.

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