Nekst for Solo Real Estate Agents

Let Nekst act as your personal assistant, keeping track of important deadlines, sending out timely Email and SMS updates and ensuring your client knows what comes next throughout the transaction.

Is Nekst right for you?

A lot of Realtors could definitely use a real estate assistant, whether you sell 5 or 50 homes per year. But for one reason or another, the idea of hiring and managing another person sounds miserable. If this sounds like you, Nekst is the perfect solution!

Once you create your custom Action Plans (or modify the templates we provide you with), each new property can be setup in minutes and Nekst will ensure you never miss an important deadline or fail to communicate an important detail about the upcoming closing.

The 'How'

How Nekst acts like a Personal Assistant

Contingency Date Tracking

It's tough to keep track of all those dates! Nekst syncs with your calendar and provides timely reminders for every deadline.

Pre-Written Emails

Rather than send the same message over and over or forget to communicate an important detail, write it out once and send at the perfect time.

Client Portal

*Coming Soon* Provide your clients with a simple, 1 page link with all contingency deadlines, transaction parties & recommended service providers.

Pre-written SMS Reminders

The best way to send reminders and "cut through the noise" is to send an SMS message to your client, to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Recommended Service Providers

Ensure that you are providers several recommended service providers that you can trust to ensure a stress free closing experience.

No More Worrying

Stop worrying about the details! Put that time & energy into growing your business by letting Nekst handle the details, just like a real assistant.

The 'Why'

Why Nekst offers a better work/life balance

Focus on Deals, not Details

As a DISC Personality test will tell you, successful real estate agents rarely have the right traits to be a successful coordinator.

Your focus should be on creating deals and building relationships with future clients. It's what you do best! Let Nekst take care of the details.

Fewer Mistakes = Less Work

Ever forget to send a price change addendum? Or forget to collect the earnest money? Mixup the deadline for the inspection?

With Nekst, reminders and communication are automated to prevent these (and other mistakes) from occurring, ensuring you earn that commission without costing you more time or effort.

Get More Referrals

Increasing your referrals is the best and most affordable lead generation strategy in the industry.

How well you manage the stressful process a home sale will directly impact the future referrals you may receive.

Nekst is there to help you create more referrals by delivering an amazing real estate experience.
Used By Real Estate Professionals Everywhere

Built By A Realtor, For Realtors

Nekst is not just a tool for today—it's your partner for tomorrow, ensuring that as your business landscape changes and your operations expand, you have a robust, adaptable foundation that supports continuous success and development.

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